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Phicap Property Goes 100% Digital

Phicap Phicap Property Goes 100% Digital

Phicap Property, one of the three departments of Phicap Group, takes a crucial step in its digital transformation by adopting a cutting-edge system for digitizing supplier invoices.

Thanks to this major advancement, we are now proud to announce that all of our operations related to supplier invoices are 100% digitized. How does it work? Suppliers now send their invoices electronically, thus simplifying the process and reducing delays. Once the invoices are received, they go through a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that meticulously analyzes each document, accurately extracting essential information.

The processed invoices are then routed to a dedicated web portal, where our real estate accountants complete any missing information, if necessary. This crucial step ensures the integrity and completeness of the data before our property managers give their final approval.

Once approved, the invoices are swiftly routed to the payment process, ensuring unprecedented smoothness and efficiency. Additionally, thanks to our automated classification system, each invoice is carefully archived in our secure database, ready to be accessed at any time.

This transition to digitizing our supplier invoice management process represents much more than just modernization. It embodies our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (ESG). By reducing our paper footprint, accelerating our processes, and ensuring increased accuracy, we are actively contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.

At Phicap Group, we are proud of this significant advancement, and we remain committed to continuing to explore new technologies and implement innovative solutions to better serve our clients and our planet.