PHICAP GROUP: 10 years in business and a new visual identity | Phicap

PHICAP GROUP: 10 years in business and a new visual identity

Phicap PHICAP GROUP: 10 years in business and a new visual identity

To celebrate its 10th year in business, Phicap Group is proud to introduce its new visual identity. This milestone confirms the organic growth of the company and the various acquisitions made over the past years.

There have been ever more projects over the years. Phicap Group has grown continuously from 2013 to the present. Founder and CEO, Michael Goldberg started on his own. Ten years later, after growing the company, acquiring Amirato, Sogesmaint, EuroCapital (51%), and recently taking over all of the mandates and the operations team of MVGM in Belgium, he now has the support of nearly 50 employees.

This evolution is accompanied by a modernisation and energisation of the company’s iconic logo. As a result, each group company representing a business line (Property, Project & Investment) is now linked to the Phicap name. A different colour by group business line provides each with its own visual identity.

So :

  • Phicap Property SRL replaces the name Phicap SRL
  • Phicap Project SA replaces the name Amirato SA
  • Phicap Investment SA replaces the name Eurocapital Property Investors SA


And, Phicap Group SRL, created at the beginning of this year, will act as Holding The legal entity Sogesmaint SA will no longer be used commercially and will soon be integrated into Phicap Property SRL.

The change is an important step for Phicap Group in its ongoing commitment to integrate the different companies within the group. Since the beginning, 10 years ago, Phicap provides the advantages of a unique platform, in which all services are available under one roof. The company’s major edge coming from being a one-stop shop, the very essence behind the founding of the company, has now been visually enacted. It’s a natural step following the recent acquisition of several companies.

Michael Goldberg – Phicap Group Founder and CEO: “10 years is a real milestone. It’s an important moment in the history of our company. We now have nearly 50 team members following our latest acquisition. The company is still growing and this visual consistency will provide greater legibility, greater visibility, and a greater impact, beneficial for the entire group. The change is a natural step in the group’s development.” He continues: “This initiative will also strengthen Phicap Group’s visibility in the marketplace. The different activities’ bright and contrasting colours will attract the attention of the stakeholders.

Phicap Group’s new logos and their dynamic colours will be deployed on all of the company’s communication media, including the website, social networks, printed documents, and advertising media.

The change reflects the goal of continuing to be an integrated, modern company which looks to the future.